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Yvonne R. Jones is the ASCAC Spiritual Development Commission Chair. A member of ASCAC since 1987, she was appointed the chair of the Spiritual Development Commission by Queen Nzinga Ratibisha in March 2004 at the request of Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers. Her first journey to the Nile Valley was in 1977, but an ancestral call in 1986 led to her to return to Kemet in 1987 for the ASCAC conference. Since then her own spiritual development was nurtured under the instruction of Dr. Carruthers and as a priest in the Temple of the African Community of Chicago  (TACC) where she served with Dr. Carruthers and Roosevelt “Maay” Roberts. After Carruthers’ transition in 2004, she continued to share priesthood duties with Maay and Josef Ben Levi.  With Maay’s transition in 2007, she and Josef Ben Levi served jointly as priests until 2011. Currently, she is the sole TACC priest. During the 1997-1998 African year, she initiated “The Divine Conversation,” a monthly exploration of Kemetic texts and spiritual concepts for TACC members.

In addition to her responsibilities as a priest, Yvonne has taught at the Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies of Northeastern Illinois University since 1998.  She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Inner City Studies from NEIU, and a Master of Liberal Arts degree from the University of Chicago. Presently, she is a doctoral student in Curriculum Studies at the University of Illinois Chicago. She is also a retired Chicago Public School teacher.

Yvonne has served as the director of the Kemetic Institute of Chicago since 2004 and was the associate director under the leadership of Jacob Carruthers from the early 1990s to 2002 and Leon Harris, 2002-2004. In 1993, Yvonne was the project director for The Classical African Language Arts Curriculum, developed for use by selected Chicago Public Schools seeking an African-centered curriculum focus. The committee included Kemetic Institute members, Ifé Carruthers, Belinda Davis, and Leon Harris, and four other CPS teachers.

She credits Dr. Jacob Carruthers with her spiritual and intellectual growth and development, particularly as it relates to understanding the language, literature, history and culture of Kemetic civilization. She acknowledges the profound intellect of Dr. Anderson Thompson and his lessons on historiography, African history, social movements, Pan-Africanism, and Kush. Humbly appreciated is the ongoing support of Kemetic Institute members. She is grateful to ASCAC ancestors, Drs. Asa Hilliard, III, John Henrik Clarke, Charsyee McIntyre and others, for their wise instruction.

Rooted in African Deep Thought, she strives to give life, power and health to the community.