LaTrella Thornton has been a member of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations since 1986.  She began a leadership role in the organization at the local level, being secretary of the Harlem Study Group, and represented the study group in Kmt in 1987, presenting a paper on education.  She held the position of National Representative to the national board, representing the Eastern Region, and has been President of the Eastern Region for several years.  She recently assumed the position of Education Commission Chair.  As Education Commission Chair, LaTrella looks to Dr. Asa Hilliard lll, Maa Kheru, former Education Commission Chair, and Professor Geraldine Price, Maa Kheru, former ASCAC member and LaTrella’s jedna (mentor), for inspiration and guidance.

In her 20th year as the Executive Director of the City College Child Development Center, LaTrella has supported numerous student-parents and their children in their educational growth.  As Executive Director, she supervises and develops teachers, support staff, work-study students, and fieldwork students from the disciplines of architecture, education, pre-medical, psychology, and sociology.  In the world of Holistic Health, an alternative to allopathic medicine, for 38 years, LaTrella, in her orientation to medical students, advises them to study alternative approaches to medicine, which they will not receive from most medical schools.  She counsels that the integration of allopathic and holistic medicines is the the wave of the future; many persons seeking medical care have become cognizant of holistic medicine and now look for integrative physicians. 

LaTrella served as Chair of the Child Care Council at the City University of New York.  Under her leadership, the University changed it long standing policy of service only to student-parents in its child care centers at its 18 colleges, to the inclusion of service to faculty, staff, and community.  LaTrella served on the Board of the National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers for several years, holding positions of Member at at large, Communications Chair, Conference Coordinator, President, and President Emeritus.  She served on one of New York City Department of Education’s advisory boards when the Department was planning and implementing New York State’s Universal pre-Kindergarten Program in New York City.  Currently, LaTrella serves as the Early Childhood Education advisor to Teachers College for one of its federal grants, and is an Adjunct Lecturer in the masters program in the School of Education at City College of NewYork.  

As creator and facilitator of the Sisters of Ast Rites of Passage Program, LaTrella coordinated the work of eight women who worked with her, and 18 young girls and their mothers, in a rites of passage program that met bi-weekly for four years, for the purpose of developing the young girls into African women in a sisterhood.  LaTrella is the founder and High Priestess of the Khepera Heru Healing and Learning Temple, Shrine of Het Heru, Seats of Jhuty, Enpu, Asar; the founder and High Priestess of the Het Heru Ntchr Initiation Program; is a healer, certified in several energy healing modalities; engages in the Spiritual Art of Divination, using intuition and cards; has been studying the Mdw Ntchr for 12 years; is a musician; crochets and sells her work.  She is also a supporter of the arts.

LaTrella has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Early Childhood Education, a Masters degree in Supervision and Administration in Education, and is certified to be principal and district superintendent in the New York State public school system.   She is the mother of a great daughter, the proud grandmommy of a young grandson, and the daughter of a wonderful mother, who has been on the planet for 90 years!