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Dr. Anderson Thompson is a charter member of ASCAC. He sits on the International Board as chairman of the Research Commission. He is a member of the Kemetic Institute, a member of KI’s Council of Historians and its Council of Elders. Dr. Thompson has lectured extensively throughout the world on African history and culture. He has published several articles and essays over the years, including in the African World History Project: The Preliminary Challenge and The Best of the Kemetic Voice. He is presently working on several historical surveys to be published in the very near future.

Through the leadership of Dr. Anderson Thompson who was the senior member of the faculty of the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS) of Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) from 1966 until his retirement in 2011. He has spent his life researching a multiplicity of issues related to Africans and the African world, the Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission was established. To that end he was selected to be the Director of Research and Evaluation for this project. The commission has the awesome challenge of examining the impact of slavery and the slave trade on African people in the United States and specifically in Illinois. Additionally, under his leadership, some of the best researchers and experts in the African world, in a variety of disciplines, were recruited to participate as Research Associates.

Dr. Thompson is much sought after as a consultant on Middle Eastern Affairs. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, the Caribbean, and Brazil since 1977. He travels to Africa and Brazil each summer conducting study tours. Thompson’s tours however, are not for your typical tourist. They are for people who are truly interested in learning the truth about African history and culture. His tours take you directly to the people and not the usual tourist sites. The knowledge you acquire and the people you meet as a member of Dr. Thompson’s tour group is not only an educational experience, but, a spiritual one.